EA6/MA-042 (Puig de Caldent)

20/May/2017    EA6/MA-042 (Puig de Caldent)

Puig de Caldent is on the left

For my last summit I wanted to do another FIRST activation, to end my trip in beauty ;-)
I had been looking at this summit at home in Belgium, and looked at the dirt road leading to the start of the track several times with Google Streetview. It seemed possible to drive, with the shortest approach coming from the north.

So, coming from my previous summit (EA6/MA-032, Santuari de Cura), I took the MA-5010 north, all the way to the city of Algaida. At   39.555735, 2.894272  I went left into the Carrer des Sol , which then becomes the Camí de son Miquel Joan, and at 39.546330, 2.886581 a smaller road goes left to a point called "Son Roig", after which the road turns into a dirt road. 
It's in very bad state, but driving slowly will get you to the parking space for just 1 car at  39.5275, 2.88837

Place for just one small car
A few meters further is the start of the track (find my track on the SMP page).

Start of track
The track is not too difficult, but overgrown in places, and it has its own "limbo tree".

Another limbo tree ;-)
It took me only 10 minutes to get to the summit, and once arrived I remembered to place a marker for the return trip. This summit has no radio towers or buildings, and whichever direction you look, all rocks look the same, hi.

So it is important that you remember at which side of the summit is the path you came up along.
After setting up and activating, the sun will have moved a little and may confuse you.
So I made a "stone man"of my own ... maybe it's still there when the next activator goes there ?
Let me know ... 

Stone man ... ON7DQ style

From this summit you have a nice view of nearby summit Santuari de Cura, where I was in the morning.

Santuari de Cura nearby

I set up my antenna exactly in the middle of the summit, since no obstacles are present. Also no electrical noise there ... wonderful !

Antenna on Puig de Caldent

There are no trees on the summit, just some shrubs. So I could only find a little bit of shade for the radio and myself. And for CW ... I used the clothespeg paddle again.

Using the EA2BD style paddle for my last activation !
As for the results of the activation, I made 46 QSO's, exactly the same number as I had in the morning !
And I made 1 S2S contact ... with Belgium ! Francois ON5SWA was on ON/ON-024. 

So, as they say .... tired but very happy , I left the summit and went to my B&B to prepare for the flight back on May 21. 

View of the Serra de Tramuntana from my last summit

This was the last of my activation reports for my 2017 Mallorca trip, I hope you enjoyed reading, and that the info is useful for future activators.

73 charito charito Mallorca !
Luc, ON7DQ

EA6/MA-032 (Santuari de Cura)

20/May/2017    EA6/MA-032 (Santuari de Cura)

Approaching the summit from Llucmajor via the MA-5010

For my last day of SOTA, I selected two summits, both close to each other, but very different in difficulty.

EA6/MA-032 is another easy drive-up summit. I came from the south via Llucmajor, over the MA-5010, All is well indicated, and the road to the summit is easy. Lots of parking space too, so no problem.

The monastery and gardens are a nice tourist visit
Tourists will like the nice visit of the buildings and gardens. Read more about the history here :
The actual name of the summit is Puig de Randa.

Hams will of course have more admiration for the vast array of antennas on the summit, including the big radar radome.
Lots of antennas ...

Even inside the monastery, you might think you find more antennas. Doesn't this one look like a new design for a "Cross Field Antenna" ? I was tempted to connect my KX3 and see if it tuned up ... HI

New CFA design ?

After a short visit, it was time to set up for SOTA, the chasers were waiting ... and I wanted to do that second summit ! (read the final part of my Mallorca report for that).
I found a quiet spot away from the main access road, but couldn't get very far from from the radio towers, they are everywhere !
Still, I didn't experience any higher noise levels than ususal.

"Rock solid" copy from this spot ...

Antenna was the endfed, and I lifted the balun a little from ground with my backpack.

Trying to "stay under the radar" ...

I was happy to have a 2m contact with Ricardo, EA6AIF right away. After that I made a QSO on 40m SSB with Ricardo, and with his friend Lorenzo, EA6KB
They were doing a first activation of new summit EA6/MA-067, Puig de ses Vinyes. Nice !

Then I made a whole bunch of QSO's on HF, the counter stopped at 46 after approximately 90 minutes, not a bad result. Maybe this was all due to the "balun lifting" ?
Alas, it was time to move on to my next summit, so after a light meal (a tortilla and a beer), I went searching for my last summit on Mallorca ..  which would be a FIRST activation too, a nice way to end my trip !

Mmm ... food !

The restaurant is housed in the former library of the monastery, and is worth a visit by itself.

The terrace of the restaurant has a nice view over the area
(to be continued ...)